Sunday, October 17, 2010

Software Development Compilation

Welcome to the October 17, 2010 edition of software development compilation.

Software Development Management Articles
Common Challenges of Managing Software Development Articles - There are many challenges in managing software development projects. The following list discusses a few topics that have been highlighted as common challenges of software development. The list is not exhaustive, it does however highlights some of the common challenges I have encountered, and addressed, over past 10 years working in software development.
The use of mashups in the enterprise - A mashup is a technique for building applications that combine data from multiple sources to create an integrated experience. Many mashups available today are hosted as websites on the internet, providing visual representations of publicly available data.
I have been observing a new trend in the software industry where applications are there to serve data and not the other way around. Data is at the centre of the universe  and not the application.
Take twitter for example, it is all about the data and not the application. There are so many twitter applications available to serve the data. Business Intelligence proves that when data is utilised effectively it can help organisations to achieve competitive advantage and consequently make more money. Super,markets organise the products on the shelves based on data served to them via business intelligence products such as reports from data warehouses and other. Another example is blogging which is all about what the author is saying, the data. There are many different blogging providers on the internet and many more applications that enable bloggers to create their blog posts and publish them to their website.
Reader’s Articles
Maureen Fitzsimmons presents Top 20 Most Influential Obesity Experts posted at MPH Degree, saying, "If you are looking for ways to improve your ability to write research papers, you are in luck. Technology makes it simple to get help with research papers, as these 20 iPad Apps demonstrate."
Heather Sanders presents 50 Interesting Engineers Worth a Follow on Twitter posted at Blogineering, saying, "If you are interested in learning a little bit more about engineering, you can follow these 50 interesting folks — including some engineering students — on Twitter."
Chris presents Chuck Norris Google Facts posted at Martial Development, saying, "Read these all-original "facts" about Chuck Norris' involvement with the world's most powerful search engine."
J Dumire presents Computer Memory Issues? Excessive Pop Ups? And Slow Operating Speed? posted at LightSpeedPC: No More Computer Lag.
J Dumire presents Don�t Buy a New Computer! You Probably Don�t Need One! posted at LightSpeedPC: No More Computer Lag.
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