Monday, October 25, 2010

Software Development Compilation

Welcome to the October 24, 2010 edition of software development compilation.

Software Development Management Articles
Software Architecture in an Agile environment using the Sashimi approach - Agile software development methodologies are  now widely accepted and utilised within the software development industry. There is however a lot of debate on how to perform effective and efficient software architecture within an agile environment.
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Jennifer Saksa presents Software Buying Trends posted at NCH Software Blog.

Bernice Frankel presents Top 20 Mobile Education Apps: iPhone vs. Android posted at Masters Degrees, saying, "Mobile educational apps can give you an edge in and out of the classroom. Here are 20 great mobile education apps, 10 for the iPhone, and 10 for Android phones."

Lindsay Samuels presents The Bookworm?s Guide to the iPad: 100 Tips, Tools, and Tutorials posted at Library Science Degree, saying, "With any new piece of technology, confusion, turmoil, and frustration can quickly set in when spending so much money, along with learning something new. To help, the article has compiled a Bookworm’s Guide to the iPad: 100 tips, tools, and tutorials."

Chris Davis presents Robot Wars: 10 Recent Developments in Unmanned Warfare You Haven?t Heard About posted at Criminal Justice Degrees, saying, "When the war in Afghanistan kicked off, the U.S. military only had a handful of drones or unmanned weapons on the battlefield. Now it’s one of the military’s main concerns as they race to outdo the competition developing innovative robots that do the dirty work."

Carrie Oakley presents 40 iPad Apps That Librarians Love posted at Online Colleges, saying, "Librarians wear many hats at one time. Besides managing their space, they also organize events, reach out to the community and enhance the feel of the library, making it a timeless treasure that is making a major comeback."

Chirel Jack presents Freelance Jobs - Freelancer for hire posted at Hire consultant - Freelance jobs.

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